Best Pics of My Week, Series 180

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Another week down and no we haven’t caught up on our week’s work. In fact we got so much we’ll be lucky to get one of these out next week. I’ll be traveling to see the lil sis graduate college so it’ll be a little extra hectic. Throw that on top of some large video and photo load and I’m shocked I could get the time but we have an awesome team workin’ hard and we’re pullin’ it together to launch some great work for some awesome clients.

Next weekend we have Vavi’s ROC Race. If you’re in the area come participate in one of the wildest 5k runs you’ll ever entertain.

Speakin’ of fun stuff, tonight we have a live lingerie and feathers photo shoot at Ivy nightclub in the Andaz Hotel. Hit me up to get on guest list.

With that you can understand this needs to be short and sweet as I have tons to prep for tonight.

Let’s step back to the last week of April and indulge in some photo.

Wow what a week.

We started early this week with a private party as we doubled up on Tuesday to produce work for True North’s anniversary party, thanks Neon for taking that, and I opened a new Laser Away hair removal spot in La Jolla. Seems those pics might find their way into some local print work too. Nice light party and some really cool photos. Thanks for the gig Lisa and congrats to Brock on another awesome grand opening. Hope we can do some more soon.

Starting that last Thursday of the month I brought out a new shooter to see about adding to the staff. Johnny did well and with a little work I’m sure he can be makin’ some great shots for us. Good timing too as we just picked up 3 more weekly haunts. We started their workload this last week so you’ll catch those photos next week- or if I ever launch that double up week.

It’s great to have new blood in the stream and new venues to entertain. With the creative stuff I’ve gotten to do extra it’s been absolutely epic. That’s exactly what Friday was at Stingaree. It was a few weeks of work to pull together Sunsplash bikini boutique together with 7 stunning ladies and had them walk the runway in front of a very attentive crowd. It’s funny cause I didn’t shoot a single photo that night. The bag was there but with the production work for the show there was no way I was shootin’. Some of the girls brought photographers and I received their photos so I’ve seen lots of photos from the club and the production company. I hear it was a success but I had to man a curtain in the back and make sure the show went down correctly form backstage while I held the curtain closed so the ladies, while changing, staid covered in the cabana.

It’s fun too cause we still had Brian killin’ it over at Bar West. He’s really steppin’ it up and we are grateful to have him.

Saturday was a full boat. A little daytime work and a triple booking in the evening complete with photo and video. Full boat indeed. We rocked it. Somehow I squeezed in floating by my MMA friend’s place close by and did some light photo work for Victory helping to support them during their charity car wash. Great turn out and tons of fun. Then that night we did some work at Rich’s for Rufskin clothing. A male clothing line dedicated to the homosexual community. Their work is clean and modern but yes it ment a little work close to the ruff. Is that’s not the worst pun I’ve ever laid out or what! Regardless the photos came out awesome and the event went smoothly. It was Ruffskin’s 10 year anniversary party. It was awesome to be asked to be a part of their production. We are happy to have them as a new client and look forward to more video and photo production.

Speaking of involvement, our involvement with Pacific Magazine brought on new weekly workload and at one of the hottest spots in town. Or at least it can be when the sun’s beatin’ down on ya while you rock out to sweet beats with the swell comin’ in on the Pacific. I’m talkin’ about weekly work at Wavehouse. While LED brings in the epic acts I’ll be cruisin’ around for Pacific Mag and Wavehouse itself to capture the fun times. That’s the plan at least. Even with the overcast day this place went off. I couldn’t ask for a better spot to shoot. Right on the beachfront while the sun sets. There is a lot to do here and I’ve only scratched the surface. Even after the dozen or so albums from last year’s Wavehouse season I still see ways to get new work in this amazing venue. Plus it’s great to shoot during the day.

Ok my friends that raps up the week. I have to scram to gather my stuff for tonight. Hit me up for guest list at Ivy and wish me luck. Gonna be a great shoot and an awesome party.

Til next week/whenever I pull it all together.


Oh yea, I squeezed in a trip to the Little Italy Art walk and created some art. Threw those in too. Enjoy!

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    Photos this week are really terrific! Love the surf dude and the artsy ones so much!

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