Best Pics of My Week, Series 179

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Cruisin’ right along over here my friends.

Here’s that link to one of the videos we produced for Vavi with the Challenged Athletes foundation.

Just released this two days ago and hits are clickin’ along. Hope these guys make their $50k goal. To fill you in a bit, CAF has teamed with Vavi and their upcoming ROC Race to raise $50k. They are offering VIP package deals and all sorts of cool stuff. Check out the
link for the fund raiser,

Ya we produced this video and the subsequent 4 others with the help of Eric Lingel and Web Video Solutions. We’re teaming up on a dozen odd projects this summer and lookin’ to grow this production load in the BWP near future. Thanks for your help Eric. Nice job.

Since we are going over stuff done weeks past and since I’ve recently seen the publication of Venue menu it was time to logo and release those pics. The cover shot was fun. I had just gotten new soft box stuff and brought out a trifecta to light up a shaded patio and balance it out between the daylight of the mid-morning sunshine. The people over at Gaslamp Tavern were awesome and it’s always nice to see my work in print.

But otherwise it was a really light photo week. More production work than photo. As I was explaining to a friend yesterday I’m definitely bordering on that line where more than half my workload is no longer photo. My production pieces are growing and demanding more time. The business is growing and demanding more organization and more time. On top of that I try to squeeze in a moment for myself and some time for the little lady. Went to a cool planetarium style thing this week. It was cool getting to relax and enjoy but we’re so busy these days I can barely turn the noodle off to enjoy the time.

We pulled together that Thursday for our first photo art exhibit in over a year. Produced at the Ivy Nightclub’s wine lounge room in the Andaz Hotel with the production crew of my old faves, Tk Production. I pulled in my photographers and we showed 50+ pieces to a light but receptive audience. I sold 3 pieces and my staff sold two more. We did a little over $400 in business. It was sweet plus with the help of my boy Kevin’ we got all hooked up with the new “Square” credit card services and we did our first small credit transaction. If we can charge $20 we can charge $20k. It just takes one clean transaction to get it started. Now we know how and we want more! I’ve got some great plans for this coming soon so keep a look out for more of the Liquid Photo Lounge.

Of course that ment I couldn’t make the photo work that night. I really wanted to make the Fluxx networking event with Network After Work but with all the details pulling together for the show it was just not in the cards. I had Vito over at the beach with Bar West and I had Brian, running a little late, race over and clean up work for Network After Work. Proved to be a very productive evening. I ended up printing a whole new series of prints, larger and more impressive than anything I’d done before. I even got the wine glasses image printed 30×22. It looks awesome! Thank you to Jim Espinosa and Creative Vision for the production of that piece. It was done quick and on a budget and looks amazing!

So ya the photo stuff came back around Fri as I was back down at Sevilla doing our weekly entertainment. They are always a blast to work with and despite a light night I was very creative with my lighting and pushed some work with the girls for some slick pics.

Saturday was a rally in the gayborhood. Getting out there early and getting it done quickly and affectively I strolled through grabbing a drink and some photos making sure to pic up on every opportunity that showed itself, ie that great clip of the two girls doing the cell phone pic by the fire pit. It’s one thing to grab that stolen light piece when there is no ambient light to mess up the exposure but when you have full firelight it’s a bit more complicated. Stoked I stole this little gem.

Lastly I threw in a photo from our Fit shoot. I’ve seen it in print a bit and it looks great. Stoked for the production load on this one as I gathered the models, the hair/make-up and set up the shoot 100% solo. To see the image used in ad work is a real treat. Can’t wait to see some more. I definitely covered a number of images that day but I’ll hold off on publishing them as the client has them first, as always.

That would be the week my friends. Next week we have a live lingerie photo shoot on the rooftop of the Andaz hotel in the middle of the club scene. Last week our fashion show went great and we’re getting requests for lots more. I have an egger team looking to produce and we are nailing in work, week after week. Just nailed in new weekly work with Pacific Magazine at Wavehouse every Sunday for those epic little Sunday Funday events as well as a two time per week shoot load with Typhoon saloon. Time to buckle in and get it done!

See you in the pictures. Hit us up if you want to join us at Ivy next week on Thursday night for that awesome photo shoot.

Until then enjoy the pretty pictures.

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