Best Pics of My Week, Series 178

By BeWater / April, 27, 2012 / 2 comments

Wow, another hectic week down and still playing catch up.
Do we ever really catch up or is always just the entertainment of the game? It’s the journey not the destination kinda stuff.
Makes for a better reality, right?

On to my current reality. I’ve produced a fashion show this week. Combining with Tk Production again, doing work at Stingaree, I’ve pulled suits from Sunsplash Bikini in Pb and I’ve gathered 6 models- possibly going to lock down a 7th if I hear back from a few people or have a quick response to… say this blog post/email. But the gig is tonight so we shall see. If you want to join us tonight, hit us an email and we’ll put you on guest list. No cover on guest list before 11. Come entertain with us.

Now on to what we’ve already done.

So we’re still a week behind on pics but let’s take a look at the second week of April.

It started out a bit strange, as you can see, cause my good friend Kevin seems to have a wild idea in his head and a horrible bottle of champagne to go with it. He’s creating a website on a similar idea as, “texts from last night” but instead he’s calling it “Dear Andre”. If it means I get to draw a dong on his face and take blackmail photos of him in the ally, well, I’m in.

I cleared up a bunch of video work during and after Kevin’s shoot then launched off to entertain some photos that night at Bar West. Another night on the beach. I’ve started to really break the place down and work it, and the new lighting, in a very editorial fashion. I saw this champagne glass sitting there and being that I’d been thinkin’ champagne- ie. drinking champagne, I thought it was a good call to capture some pics of this random glass as it sat there next to the crowd. The club lights pulsed and I popped off the shutter at various exposure levels and compositions. I ended up with a dozen or more really solid shots. These are the two best for sure.

The next night I was right back at Bar West, so photo wise it kind blends together. But the two nights couldn’t be more different, raining and colder, Friday night my friend Titto and his clothing affiliates put together a fashion show to start out the evening. I worked with the lighting director and we set it up so I could catch this in action shot with natural in-house lighting.

The show went well and after I went about my usual entertainment and stole a fun shot of somebody else playing with their camera. I’m always looking to steal light so I was set up to do that for this image but found the house lights pulsate the strobe and captured that light instead. Worked perfectly. Love this girls jacket, lol.

Now my last shoot of the week was a bit out the norm. A sweet 16 party you say? K.
So off I went to my friend Monica’s house where I set up light and shot the fam and all of sweet sixteen bday girl Taylor’s friends and her as often as I had the opportunity to. When we didn’t have Taylor we had a few cut outs we could include but Taylor, like her mother, was not shy in front of the camera. Made for a great night. I got out of there by midnight and had enough time to make it to each of our other events, Eden and Sevilla, and pay off both staff members. Monica and Taylor are so lucky with such a blessed life and family and I was able to enjoy that and still make it out to make my staff’s night that much better, sending them home with cash in their pockets. Another Saturday night down. Perfect, let’s do it again next week!

Yes lets.

So if you want on the guest list for Stingaree tonight hit me up.

Otherwise you’ll just have to wait for the pics.

Until then my friends.

ps-next week we release those Vavi videos and we just saw Venue Menu’s publication so we’ll launch the highlights from those pics too.


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2 Responses to Best Pics of My Week, Series 178

  • Mom

    Let’s see some pictures of Kevin in a better setting and possibly a more sober Kevin. You’d better be keeping your wits about you and not drinking too much. I’ll bet Kevin may be looking for some retaliation opportunities.

    • BeWater

      Lol. Ya, you know it’s a good photo when you fool your own mother.
      Ya ma, Kevin’s only had two glasses at this point and it was like noon so it was really actual work. Affectively done I’m guessing from your comment. <3 u

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