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Not quite what I had in mind with the whole catch up stuff but like I always say, “client first”.

Speaking of we rocked some huge projects for some great people and some meetings to make sure we do more.

Ya, so I was supposed to launch this email on, say, Monday. As I’m a full week behind the photos right now and racing hard to catch up but it’s not really working. It’s the classic inbox/outbox story. I kick it to the outbox not quite as fast as they kick more to the inbox. It’s cool, bills get paid. Hell there may even be some new camera gear coming soon. Cross those fingers. I’d love some new toys. Trade up time!

Ok, with 12 hours to my show and a week behind on my media goodies, I’ve downed half a Five Hour energy and waiting for the water to boil so I can make coffee. I’ve got 4 pieces that need to be placed in matts and set in their frames. I have two frames that need to be re-stained. I have a few smaller pieces that will make it to frames also and then we’ll start the location build with the 20+ pieces and the staff with their fun stuff. Little trip to Home Depot. Little onsite action to create racks and displays, set lighting and make the space over at the Ivy look amazing. Me and four of my staff will be showing work there tonight. Drop the company name at the door and it’s free before til 11, no cover. At least that’s what I’m pushing for with the promoters and the venue. I just want as many people as possible to see this event.

On with the photo!!!

Let’s reach back into the bag and travel a full week ago. If I squint real hard I think I can remember. Oh wait, I have photos to help remind me. Ten years from now when our memories are fuzzy and the parties are thin in our minds you’ll thank me for the hundreds of rag tag goof ball pics that captured every hazy moment. So let’s remember the first week of April right now and get me on the road to the event tonight. Sooo much work to do!

The Padres started their work April 5th and I proceeded to spend the next three days in and out of work surrounding the first week of the baseball season. Now I’m not some huge fan, as many of you know, of organized team sports but if these guys rock and roll this year I can foresee a ton of work coming out of that ballpark. We started Thursday with an evening event with The Padres in a secondary property on the side of the stadium called the Candy Factory. There they held an event catering to their top level sponsors and high rollers. The place was packed with some real big wigs. The hand shake photo there is a photo of Padres manager and the CEO of Fox Sports. So I grabbed that cool pic and I couldn’t help myself but stick that super long lens on and grab a little action pic too. I’m sure there will be more to come. Hope you like baseball photos!

Thursday was a hectic day. I made meetings in the morning and the Padres in the early evening. After finishing up there I rolled over to Typhoon Saloon in Pb and did a little “trial” run shooting over there with those guys. Seems we are potentially going to do some weekly work with them. Love it! So I grabbed some cool band pics to show them what I can do. We ran threw the chat about Be Water Photo, the services we provide, and the production we produce- mentioning casually that I just came from shooting for The Padres and that a “trial” shoot was a bit silly but I was down and happy for their interest. At the very least I have $50 worth of food coming to me and some cool shots of a band. I finished that and went to Bar West to get comfy with my weekly stomping ground.

At Bar West I was super juiced to find my old friend Lavelle rockin’ the decks with his amazing sense of house music. Droppin’ all my favorites, blendin’ some new techniques, and just bringin’ his awesome energy! I had a really early start the next morning so I had to cut early and I was having some issues with the camera so I cut after dominating some pics of Lavelle, making sure to grab a photo of the bday boy Eric, and a few awesome detail pics. It was hard to leave the energy early though. There was a great party rockin’ when I bounced. I was traveling with some gear from my early evening Padres work that I usually wouldn’ have when doing the event stuff, so I took advantage and made it happen. I stole that martini shot and that lady doesn’t even know it happened.

Friday was nuts. Asleep at 2 the night before, up at 8 and off to Bill Walton’s house. Now as I’ve mentioned, not a big sports guy, but this guy played some ball back in his days. That alone is cool cause he was really good- NBA MVP style good. All while he went to some 800 plus Grateful Dead shows. Wow. So his place was covered in Dead. Check out that drum set! We did mainly video work there as I brought in the services of Eric Lingel and his Web Video Solutions. Great match for us these days as he even lives in OB. It’s made for a lot of new work and some great production pieces to come. We were in there that morning nailing in a series of videos around this awesome compound recording and filming teamed up with Challenged Athletes Foundation-CAF, and more fun work with Vavi Sports. We’ll have the videos up soon so next week I’ll get you the link.

With an early morning and more work in the afternoon, I was off back down to the Padres stadium, this time with Pacific Magazine. First Friday night at the Park. It was cold and windy so we did our best and huddled a bit. Crappy too cause lots of people were wearing this stuff cause it had been a nice day up til about pre-game time.

Funny schedule Friday, as I was left the stadium and the Gaslamp for two hours til I had to roll back downtown again for Pacific Mag and cover the game’s after party at Bootleggers. Been doing a lot of work there these days. Love it too cause the staff and owners are, of course, a collection of staff from the other places in downtown. I know quite a few and the rest are just as friendly. Foods great too. We had our Easter brunch there. Ya, picked up some pics there, closed out with the Pacific mag crew as they entertained and enjoyed, and I was off to the beach to celebrate another bday at Bar West. Happy bday Ashley.

Saturday was nuts! But that’s what you get when you stumble through the Gaslamp with 300+ people from The Local. Mina’s pub crawls are the shit. So I dragged Kevin along and we tied one on for the team. Great day. Great afternoon nap. Then back down downtown to finish out the week’s work with Sevilla. Such a fun week.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. You kids have fun but I’ve got a crazy busy day. Come play tonight at the Andaz Hotel in their Ivy Nightclub. Be Water Photo staff and myself will be showing photo art tonight from 7 til midnight in their lobby. Come show some support. Take home some art. Come mingle and entertain.

We’ll continue to try and catch up to one week past so keep you eyes peeled for a random catch up album. If I ever actually catch up.

Til then my friends.

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