Best Pics of My Week, Series 175

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Welcome again,
Missed you all last week. So many changes and so much going on. I couldn’t give the time needed to create this fun stuff, had to focus on other people’s fun stuff.

Well some fun and some not so fun. As you may have picked up on in our previous weekly’s we no longer produce regularly for Dtown and our last little bits of photo for them was during that hectic St. Patty’s Day weekend. It was crazy! Days before we’re trying to either clear space for me to go to Mammoth with Vavi or send a staff to produce for them. At the same time we’re scrambling to cover our weekly workload of the old 7 events a week thing and we added a gig with Pacific Magazine and Miller/Coors and another with The Padres, plus one with The Local. Ya, we nailed in 10 events and nearly sent somebody to the mountain too. Despite the loss I’d say we’re still on a win. Yes, I’m working on new gigs for our weekly routine but the new gigs with bigger business also seems a good way to go about it.

How bout some video you say? Well we’re building that page on the site now and manipulating a few other changes throughout the website. Keep a eye out and you’ll see. We have produced 16 videos in just over 1 year and after the meetings I’m having it looks like we’ll be producing a heck of a lot more this year.

Ya St. Patty’s weekend was nuts. We started with the usual double up Bar West/Ivy nightclub where Brian and I flip flopped as he was workin’ a bit at Hard Rock and then finished up at Bar West while I did just the opposite. Seemed to work perfectly. Nice way for two strong shooters to add in one more gig and make a decent dollar on the night. I decided to bring out a second light Thursday so I could make my last night’s work at Ivy something memorable. Really it just made it more fun for me and in the end the photos show more thought and a big difference in the finished image. Ah, headlight.

Friday was a little light cause it was stormy and everybody was holding back for St. Patty’s Day. We made it amazing though with the cast and crew at Sevilla regardless of the threat of a storm the sangria was amazing and so was the sounds. So we rallied the night out and entertained like the best of them.

Saturday was the crazy stuff. Started early at The Local as I’d received a last minute call from Mina to race through their for an hour or so and start of the long day. Since that little gig I learned to be an event and that it was a pub crawl going to another friend’s bar it made sense to tag along and stay out of the rain. After 20 minutes at Taste and Thirst the rain let up for a moment and I bounced off to grab Neon so he could cover the Pacific mag assignment with Miller/Coors as I went to some private party at The Padres stadium. Wow, had no idea it wasn’t a St. Patty’s day anything and while I stood around in a green shirt, green tie, brown cords, and green shoes I couldn’t help but be grateful for the very blue lighting that made my photos difficult but my shirt not so GREEN!

That evening was my last night at Voyeur. It was pretty humorous cause due to the rain and all of the waisted St. Patty’s Day monkeys on the streets there was a lite yet fun crowd. Some that made it in the door were just gone! You could tell they’d started drinkin’ at like 10 that morning. I guess the parade was at 9 so ya these people were either major amateurs or seriously seasoned pros. Ah to be a professional drinker. I know so many of these it’s really humorous. Pro partiers and Pro drinkers. I’m way more Pro partier as I can’t possibly drink like that and the business at hand is quite the event and party based program so while it’d be easy to be a Pro drinker I try to keep it professional and just have a beverage so I don’t kill the girl that steps on my foot or the other one that just won’t leave me alone.

Sunday Funday was the official last album with Dtown. So I killed it one more time but definitely not my last photos for Bar West. Who knows maybe I can keep my Sunday Funday work or pick up something like a summer pool party. There is talk of Intervention and I love Beachwood so we’ll see what comes of this little slice of summer fun lovin’. Let’s just say my last shot with Dtown was not a photo. Thanks for the gigs and I’m sure we’ll do more soon. See you guys at Ivy April 19th as we host a little art showing with you all.

Now on to last week.

We started Wednesday with a little food photo at Firehouse as I work with my old friend Todd to get in with the SDCM crew and do some marketing and production pieces with those fun folks. Yummy, food porn!

Thursday was a really fun morning architectural bit in Del Mar. Now this was a reshoot for Mina as this is the same family house I shot years ago but they have made a few changes and wanted new pics for their rental managers to use in the marketing. It was a nice to get back in there because I was able to work around the problems I found myself in years before and get better shots with a quicker edit time. Plus the change between Lightroom edit and Photoshop edit is very noticeable. The blend of the two just makes things look amazing.

That morning work led to the early evening work with Network After Work and while I was running behind I came in hot and killed some production pieces for their liquor sponsor as the light faded over the rooftops making for some really slick pics. It’s not often I get to shoot at sunset on the rooftop of Ivy so I went to town right away and made sure I got one or two to show that beautiful skyline. It was a great event. I look forward to their upcoming work at Fluxx and their growth into Orange County. I hope we can make the trip up north to cover both SD and OC events on a monthly basis.

The finish of a long day was a few last shots and a couple beers at Bar West. It was full on crazy in there and the energy was high so I got right in the mix and made those pics happen. Such a fun spot. They really know how to party rock it!

Friday was on it at Sevilla. It was quick and easy work. I wasn’t feeling so hot but the work looked great. So I shook off a stomach something and made for some solid pics.

Saturday was another full day. After a decently late night I woke up, cleaned, and set up the studio. By noon I had a full studio and a PBR in my hand. No food. No coffee. Straight into the good stuff. With the Mullet on the Go crew at the house and my old friend Nate Simpson in attendance we worked together to add some more marketing images to their growing company. What a priceless shoot! If they all could be that much fun. They left me with a check, food, and beer in the fridge. If they all could be that cool! However, next time we can skip the veggie sandwich? Lol.

After a little nap, may have been the booze, it was off to another night in the gayborhood. Rockin’ out in Hillcrest with the Eden crew and it was awesome, right up til that big girl stepped on my little toe directly down with the point of her heal. Ya. Insta-pain!!! I hobbled around and finished up the album. The album came out good but by the time I got home it was all swollen and turning colors. In the morning I could tell it was just really brused but even if it was broke what the heck was I going to do about a broken toe? Tape. I’ve hobbled around to my meetings all week but it’s pretty much better now and I’ll probably get a little work out in today and test drive this bad boy.

That’s it my friends. There isn’t any Sunday Funday pics this week but I’m working to fix that. Otherwise we took a great meeting for a real estate client to do some amazing video work and possibly some photo stuff. Thanks for the referral Kai. We may have a really cool concept that may just build larger than the opening workload so hear’s to some cool stuff on the board. Now off to a meeting with Vavi to nail in the details for the upcoming ROC Race and a half dozen other videos and photo productions. Can’t friggin’ wait.

Kk. We’re all caught up. One last thing. We have lost a friend in The Local Family as one of our long lasting bar backs passed away this weekend. There is a party in his honor at The Local Sunday this weekend starting at 7. Please come and show your support for The Local and the family of Christopher Lopez. You will be missed Chris.

Cheers, til next week.

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  • Jason

    The sixth one is my favorite one! HaHa all of them are ralely cute though! (And the green cat!)The fourth one looks like he hated St. P-Day and wearing the accessories! HaHa! 8^D-Happy Late St. P-Day 2 all of you Cute Pets! Much Luck!

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