Best Pics of My Week, Series 174

By BeWater / March, 18, 2012 / 2 comments

Hello and welcome.

Ok so I wrote this once already and just bailed on that one. I think that’s the first time I’ve done that and looking back I think I might have wanted to take that route in the past too. Ooo. I’m growing up.

Learn from one’s mistakes yes? Learn from the mistakes of others. Learn from the mistakes you read about.
Try hard not to repeat the ones you’ve already learned.

It was a busy week. We started early with a Venue Menu cover shoot. I brought the full boat to play with, some of the new gear I have. It really blew up and it should be a slick cover. Finishing up the work on that. If I do it right the whole publication with be filled with my photos. Too much fun. Random as all heck though, as I was mid-shoot somebody from down the block came up asking for work. Which ends up in me having a lunch meeting talking about producing latin pop singer videos. Ever since my work with Vavi on NYE and the production we did for Kai at Pura Vida Yoga we are getting a lot of request to produce video. Guess I’m gonna try my hand as “Director of Photography”. It would be funn to work with storyboards and design concepts. Make it complicated to make it fun.

Starting up the week’s work. Well Thursday sent me off shooting some opening stuff for Venue menu and passing through PB to start the night at Bar West. It was just to fill in early as Brian couldn’t make it there early enough and I needed to be at Ivy by 11ish. Worked really well over these last two weeks and with changes happening within the BWP Dtown relationship work has got to be done a bit differently for a moment. The shots were fun but the mood for me has shifted and I just put it in work mode. Brought out a second light and had fun with it. Got this fun little headshot. Thought the little spur of the moment piece was fun with Mr. Dru Downy. Caught in the act. Always aware of the camera with this shy little lady and the movement of the scene. The saturation is what makes a hallway no longer a hallway but an art piece. Speaking of art, I thought this crowd shot was rather artistic. Pulsating with the colors of the floor. Undulating with the movement of the people.

Friday was fun. Great night at Sevilla. Love this bottle service pic. It really gives you the happiness and fun these people were having as they came together to celebrate their night. Then of course their is the real energy that this opening DJ brought. Really pushing his energy into the sound. I always love playing photo with the DJ. Capturing light in the blue and purple spectrum is the hardest for sure so after playing with this one in Lightroom I really got it to hold it’s detail and push it’s clarity. Really thought it popped.

Saturday I doubled myself again. Making sure my peoples at Eden had a stellar album and tripping downtown for an hour to nail in my work with Voyeur. If the place is packed and the Dj is on point I can get an album done is 30 to 45 minutes. It was exactly as I was hoping. I got in, got my pics, dropped cards all over, popped a shot of the Dj and then back off to Hillcrest to make sure that Eden looked amazing. My early night work brought me that bit of ambient work with Eden’s bottle service. My Voyeur trip brought me a new crowd pic with a new range of color from one side and the yellow one is a composition and angle I’ve never scene in there before. Tough considering how much photo is done there and really everything’s been shot. Getting anything fresh there is a feet. The rest of the night was pure entertainment. Bottle of Dom P popped at Eden. Bonding with the Dj, the GM, and the new lighting guy. The use of that long exposure and my off camera flash makes that image stand out but hopping up on the back table in the booth really gave me the angle to show the people and the club at it’s best.

Sunday Funday. Oh brother. A full day of rage face with the lady and her friends. Some Laid Back Luke action at Wavehouse. Fun, bit overcast and very crowded but fun. I always feel like I should be working though. I can’t turn it off to enjoy these days. But by Bar West that night I was in rock star shape and lit up some fun stuff. Brought the girl and all her friends, rolled in there taking a good ten people in with me after they could rally themselves from the apt. Made for a good night but I was distracted.

Well that’s the photos my friends. Little bar tender action. Little pretty lady photo. Little Dj work. I make the scene look it’s best. I’ve given much to do it and I do it cause I love it. Things are changing rapidly and my focus is shifting but the lights, the sounds, and the photos were always what drove me and will always drive me. Lot’s of meetings this week. Lots of discussion over video work. Some possibilities of more food stuff.

I’m late as hell getting this weeks weekly out.

A few days later than usual with the Weekly and I’ve already finished up my last Ivy and Voyeur album for Dtown and I’ve rolled out for The Padres and The Local. St Patty’s day was a busy weekend. We’ll chat about that next week- or this one whatever you call the week’s start or end.

I always get behind myself on these “holiday” weeks.

Alright my friends.
Happy St Patty’s Day

Until next week.


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    It appears to me that this web site doesnt load up on a Motorola Droid. Are other folks getting the exact same issue? I enjoy this blog and dont want to have to skip it whenever Im away from my computer.

    • BeWater

      We have done some manipulations to accomodate the website for mobil viewing and we will take in to consideration the Motorola platform in our next meeting. Thank you.

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