Best Pics of My Week, Series 173

By BeWater / March, 8, 2012 / 1 comments

Hey y’all.

Hell of a week. Crazy pics and lots of shufflin’ jivin’.

Seems life is destined to be complicated and raise challenges for this company and myself. Tough times will always be there. Throughout all relationships; friends, family and business, relationships will all have their complications. Yes and through grammer too… threw lol. I’ll never say I’m the best at that stuff and with the speed at which I rocket through everything, well. Meh. It was a hell of a run. We’ll give it two weeks, without signs of change, I’ll be back in the hotel, restaurant, job hunt grind. But in the mean time I’m starting a full bore push to see my photos in as many various publication sites and services as I can get into. Seems new blood is needed. Always disappointing, pushing everything you got into something only not to have it pay off. But I’ve seen it before and I guess at this point I know what to do about it. It’s just a matter of response at this point. We’ll play out the next few weeks and I’ll clarify this conversation but as of Tuesday I’m on point lookin to fill some serious workload. All you industry friends that keep their ears on this grind, hit me up and let’s do work.

In the mean time I’ll be hitting up the local stomps to drum up some more for me and the crew and come up with creative ways to get our work out to the masses. I’ve begun “keyword” tagging many of my images online to push that content and drive traffic. We’ve been pouring over contract papers to find a functional event contract that encourages the clean and efficient understanding of service, request, and the dollars and cents. Finally officially covering my back side and clarifying the employment/liability and rights. Too often do I find myself in a last minute pick up with no contract and only a text/call/or email to go off. Now I’ll have a quick email to respond with, and maybe shortly there after, another that I send to the staff to confirm their assignment. Seems like a good idea.

I’ll squeeze in some quickbook work, some contract work, and hell, might as well break out the old APA style book, lol.

Ok, on with the photos. Been a hell of an entertaining week. But first let’s clear up some epic stuff from last month. I held off these Fluxx pics as I thought I’d see them used somewhere and didn’t want to cross it up but seems not to be the case. I was a pretty happy camper to get back in there for a minute. I was shooting for Venue menu and just a couple of pretty girl photos. I got those but couldn’t help myself but get a couple cool event pics. Place just screams for images. Happy 2nd year anniversary to you guys. Congrats on that.

So let’s start it out. Thursday was a bit on the lite side but I made it look crazy and busy. It was fun really pushing myself into a space that really wasn’t full but making it look amazing. In a photo I really only need 6 to 10 people and I can make it look packed. Throw in some crazy lighting, some fog and blam-ski.

Friday was fun. My old friend from KC was in town with her BF and we had a beverage and started out Sevilla. They broke out the fog cannon and the confetti and just covered the place. Pure entertainment. Cool toy. I want one. How cool could I make studio stuff with that thing?

Saturday was hectic. Filled with a step and repeat at The Local’s bday party. It was fun. A little on the pink side for me but it was a girl party so it’s to be expected. Happy bday to The Local! It’s such a blast with this company all we do is help you celebrate. It’s a bday for somebody every day.

So I closed up the booth quick, stashed the gear, and raced down to kill off some epic pics of A-Trak. This guy killed it! I hope the photos did the event justice. With that I was done early. A few dollars in the pocket. Some 1200 images down and I actually got a chance to put the gear down for a minute and enjoy. Great show!

Sunday came and I actually enjoyed a little fun in the sun at Beach Wood on the boardwalk as my friend’s celebrated a going away party. Molly’s friend is moving to Denver and it was an amazing day out so I thought I’d post up and get a little sun. I’m pretty white, as others who know me seemed egger to point out through Facebook and such. Yes, I’m white. That’s why I was tanning. I hope to fix that complexion issue but it’s not really a priority. I work at night. I’m much more vampire than sun worshiper. You should have seen it in KC. With no motivation to get out, back in the film days when I not only spent my time in bars but also hours in the dark room, not much reasoning to get that tan on. I think my mother said I was turning yellow for a little while there.

Well after a few drinks and some good eats the weekend was finished and I was out to finish those last few photos at Bar West, one or two more beverages, and I was out. Images were in to everybody from everything by Monday. Damn I got an efficient system going on right now. We give you all we got my friends. I just wish it was only about the photos. We give a lot more than just the photos and sometimes that’s not enough either. In the end we keep pluggin’ out. Shot our third Venue Menu cover yesterday. Looks great. Plus while I was shooting a group stopped me and asked about doing some marketing images for a series of latin pop stars. It was the most random brunch I’ve ever had but just what I needed. A few other calls and texts from clients across the board and I won’t be calling out two weeks but as it stands today that’s where it’s at.

So for luck, for friends, for the entertainment, and for the love of my work I’ll push this as hard as I can and make something work. Or maybe it is time to change. Either way I’ll handle it.

Off to exercise the body. Leave the mind to the page I just wrought and to the work ahead. But the body I’ll push hard today so I can do more tomorrow. You guys have fun.

See you in the pictures.


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  • Mom

    You show the best darn photos ever, even if I wish some of the ladies were a little more conservatively dressed.You’re THE BEST!

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