Best Pics of My Week, Series 172

By BeWater / March, 2, 2012 / 0 comments

And another one bites the dust!!!

Mild crisis of confidence this week. Not quite over as I’m on the chopping block with some and on the soon to hire list with a dozen others. All these lovely little proposals and meetings. Well we’ll just keep nailing in amazing work every week as if we just did it last week. Wait, we did just do it last week. Well maybe not the Mardi Gras stuff. Let’s start there.

Definitely some really fun stuff. I always love being let loose on a venue and just allowed to go and do what I please. Roaming roof tops and back stage areas. Saying hi to friends and pullin’ together some incredible shots. Soo much fun. Finishing out the night with a happy and pleasant Paul Oakenfold. What a kind of a treat. He has not been that nice on the dozen other shoots I’ve been around him on but this one he was all smiles and good times.

Then we roll in to some more good times with Network After Work as we launch off another awesome night test driving new cocktails and food at Analog. Yup the new menu has left me hangin’ with the loss of some old favorites but seems to give rise to potential new ones. I must convince them to bring back the old grill cheese though, mmm honey and cheese.

So the week started early for sure. Tuesday threw Sunday is always a long week of photo. But the Thursday night workload started off like usual with the same Ivy scene and the same epic entertainment. Always poppin’ off with the Dtown crew. Their’s rumors out there that they are lookin’ for a full time photog on their team. If luck and skill have anything to do with it, outside of the dollars and scents, I’m happy to be rockin’ the roll or place one of my talented staff in that position. We could really rock that crew and launch off some even more epic events. Time to step it up a notch!

Friday was another romp in the Sevilla hey. Reaching out for my friend Obed’s bday and really makin’ that place look amazing. His party really packed the house and brought all the fun people from the scene for at least a beverage or two. Happy bday Obed!

Saturday was another stompin’ party with the Dtown team. It was our friend Angie’s bday and so we rallied the crew and launched a bottle or two in her honer. Now it was my boy’s bday party a block away and he had made the request of a photographer on sight when they brought out the bday shenanigans. I jogged the block to be in the scene. Took 15 pics and the camera died. Grr. Jog back. Grab batt. Jog back. Barely missed a beat. Guess I should have had that little buddy in my pocket. Meh. Great pics. Happy bday Angie!! Happy bday Reggie!!

Sunday funday? Ya that’s right we rock it every Sunday, dialed in with our last day in the week and our last weekly party with Dtown. It’s always entertainment with these kids and with the sounds coming from Mr Chris Cuts we packed the team in and rallied out for Gary’s bday- Bar West Manager. Happy bday Gary!

So in conclusion everybody’s parents were gettin’ pretty busy in the spring and the bday madness is in full force. I can see a few more bday parties coming up too. Ie. The Local’s bday bash coming this Saturday. We are bringin’ lights and they are dollin’ up for some of the good stuff. Love that spot.

Well that’s the week my friends. Cross your fingers for so those meetings go well and those proposals are agreed upon. I got some commercial work in the mix. I got some potential ad work coming. I definitely have some portrait work coming up this month and we’ll see what other fun stuff I come up with. It’s never dull around here.

That’s it my friends. Til next week. Enjoy the pics.


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