Best Pics of My Week, Series 171

By BeWater / February, 24, 2012 / 2 comments

Happy belated Valentine’s and Fat Tuesday.

While there was no photo for Valentine’s Day, only blissful tails of flower delivery and dinner with the lady. By that I mean I worked for two days straight for a friend delivering flowers. Yup threw the suit on in the shop and off we went after two days traversing town a good meal and company was just what I needed. It was an epic meal to end all epic meals.

So let’s start off some photos! We’ll get caught up first with some surf pics from the week before as I had gotten an early morning start and it was quite a big day out there so I took advantage with coffee in hand I was shooting off some bench on the cliffs at 8am. I went off and spent some time that day shooting surf instead of getting out there and I was rewarded for it for sure. That hack top turn photo on that 8 foot wall of water is just what I was looking for. Love to see when the extra work pays off.

It’s been hit or miss on that as the gear has been flinching under the weight of the fulltime workload. I’m working both cameras hard and this poor Mac to the bone. Need to get threw this tax bs and roll on to some new 5D action.

Now on to the weeklys. Thursday was pretty much pure hilarity. The boss was on fire. Aaron is never a dull man to work for.

Friday at Sevilla was crackin’ again. It’s always fun to see a floor pack out. At Sevilla, I get there real early, and I see the growth of the audience from doors open to the full packed chaos. Really fun to see.

Saturday I was off to the gayborhood and brought the big camera cause Beloz was off with the 50D. Glad I could be there for ya Jon and thanks for getting that back to me nice and quick. So I took advantage of the forced changes. Fun stuff but that older body just doesn’t want to go faster than ISO 800 and these days I’m competing against Nikon’s that go all the way to ungodly numbers 25000- whatever that is. Ya so, I need a new studio body this year. That’s all I’m sayin.

Sunday funday and the girl ditched me so I cleaned like a fool. Changed the oil on both cars Sat and cleaned the bathroom and bedroom Sunday. Laundry was Monday. Nothing like some good hearty house work before you go out there and get all rockstar with them kids and such.

Ya it’s how I roll.

Thanks and we’ll do some more next week. I’ll walk away taunting you about those Mardi Gras pics and with one last Side Bar photo as I happened to stroll threw Friday to say hi to the Dtown crew and give their photog a run for his money in my 5 minute pass threw. Love those desaturation pics.

Next week, Mardi Gras Photos!!


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  • Ilham

    Ahh I love the second puritce with the rainbow coming through the water! It’s actually beautifulP.S not sure if you realise this, but your background reads “trial”??

    • BeWater

      maybe your browser as my image shows on mine here. Chromo on Mac ’10

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