Best Photos of My Week, Series 176

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Hi all,

Gotta work quickly this week. Such a busy week upcoming: Opening Day with The Padres, Pub Crawl to Petco Park Saturday, and these fashion shows to produce with Tk Productions. So much to do. So much has been done so it’s time to take a moment and get some of that documentation down.

So the week starts, Thursday was some causal work at Bar West with all our favorites. Thanks Dj Flesch for those great beats. Keep workin’ hard homes. Love to see new talent getting past the “new” phase and coming into their own. Obviously a great party!

Friday was priceless as the staff and I seem to be getting along famously and I get to capture some really fun off the cuff stuff. It’s great to have a good team around you and a fun place to work at. It just makes the photos come out with the pop you want.

Ok ok…

So now that first paragraph is over a week old. I just can’t keep up with my own marketing and production pieces when soooo many clients are asking for sooo many things at once. Sooo, they get priority and I, well I bust my hump sleep less but get the bills paid. I’m ok with this.

Let’s finish out the last week and get started on the next.

We got out there for the Rugby boys again. I always love shooting sports. It changes up my speed and my mindset. We grabbed a great group pic and some really cool marketing pieces for Mina and The Local. Good luck this season boys. Do well and I’m sure you’ll find me on the side lines more often.

So ya, Saturday was a good time. Finished out the month strong. As a company we did 39 production pieces and took down a few meetings to grow on. Big projects in the works. I’ll let you in on that as the time approaches.

On top of the rugby fun stuff, Saturday was a classic last minute call and shuffle. I had an early call at Eden to support their Pride night and shoot the step and repeat. It was hectic and started to rain but I still got these awesome second flash shots. I love stealing light. You set them up I’ll knock them down. Thanks.

I left Eden early as my second shooter showed to close out the night and I raced downtown to hop into Sevilla and capture their featured performer. Bone Thugs in Harmony baby! It was a blast from my musical past and watching these boys hard at play, I mean work, was hilarious. Rollin’ in so deep they took over the whole VIP second. Doing pretty much whatever they wanted, most of them looked like they were already well on their way to a heavy “buzz”, lol.

Normally that would end out our week but this week we took on a last project as a benefit to The Local and our fallen friend Christopher Lopez. He had one hell of a going away party and they raised over $10,000 for the family for their use in the funeral services. It was amazing to see what The Local could do for somebody they cared for, somebody who left his impression and left our lives too early. Chris you will be missed but not forgotten. Thank you for being so much fun and for leaving the mark you left on the lives of your friends, family, and The Local.

With that said my friends, we’ll see you all next week.


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